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Step 1: Select your mattress

The first step towards tailoring your adjustable to your individual needs is to select a mattress that will support your body and provide the comfort to relieve pressure and increase circulation. 

With a short consultation, our team can determine which combination of mattress & base would best suit your body and lifestyle. 

Spinal Awareness Mattress 

5 Zone pocket spring. Copper infused memory foam and copper lurex thread. Copper is the preferred material for most cooling systems because it doesn’t hold onto heat around it. Copper emits antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties improving blood circulation.

Tommy Bahama Mattress 

Upgrade your mattress to the next level with a 9 zone pocket spring system. Designed with luxurious wool quilt and soy based visco memory foam increasing airflow and temperature control. A mattress you will have to try to experience complete relaxation.

Lloyd & Penfield Balmoral Luxury Mattress 

Australian wool quilt reacts to your body temperature making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Soy based contoured foam and Pocket in Pocket spring system provides maximum support and comfort. A mattress made for the royals.

Sleep Smart Mattress 

Bamboo infused memory foam conforms to your individual body shape, promoting better blood circulation and is anti-bacterial. Reducing odour, mould and dust mite resistant.

Black Diamond mattress

Experience comfort with a 5 zone pocket spring support and gel infused memory foam comfort layers. Wool quilting will help with breathability. Available in 3 comfort levels.

Step 2: Select your adjustable base

Complete your ensemble by selecting an adjustable base. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, adjustables complete your 

Adjustable Base 390

Wired remote makes it easier to find and harder to lose in the sheets. Lockable castors/wheels enabling you to move easily when changing the sheets and lock back into position preventing the ensemble from rolling when jumping into bed. Additional ability to add side rails.

Bravura Adjustable Base

Head Tilt and Lumber Push for maximum pressure relief. Wireless Remote Control and USB charger. LED lights, no need to reach for the light switch on the wall. With bluetooth speakers, connect and enjoy sound while relaxing in bed.

iFlex Adjustable Base

Pre-set zero gravity position, the perfect position to relieve pressure. 3 level massage intensity to increase blood circulation. Wall hugger function raising you up instead of sliding you forward. Keeping you at the side of your night stand.

Love your bed frame?

Don't worry, you can have an adjustable and keep your frame. We have adjustable that will fit inside your frame or sit on top of your slates.

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We are proud to stock locally manufactured ranges, designed by experts with many years of industry experience.

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